Saturday, June 1, 2013

Haedyn's Choice Review

Date Published: 5/15/13
There's always a choice.

Haedyn is the last Unnamed and the demon Azazel's personal assassin - his most prized servant. It's not a title she wants, but it keeps her alive and that's all that matters. But when she is tricked into protecting Lex, the same human her master is hunting, she learns of Azazel's terrifying plan to create an army of evil souls - and that Lex isn't the only one slated for sacrifice.
Can Haedyn accept the truth of her past and face the demon who molded her in his image, or will she risk the losing the souls of those she loves?

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My review:

A gripping, action packed story from beginning to end.

Haedyn’s choice was a fantastic read. I connected with Haedyn from the very beginning and was instantly drawn to her world. She’s a tough gal through and through. She doesn’t take any nonsense from anyone. However, she does have a soft side even though she’s barely aware that she has it.

The complexity of the story kept me interested the whole time and I just couldn’t put it down. Though I really have to congratulate the author for coming up with this unique story, I will say that I would have loved for it to just a little longer. And it would have been even better if Haedyn and Lex would have had more time to get to know each other better. Other than that I really don’t have any complaints about Haedyn’s choice.

I give it two thumbs up.

About the author:

Jennifer L. Oliver was born and raised in North Carolina and now lives on Florida's gulf coast with her husband, two cats, a Royal Bahamian Potcake dog, and multiple fish. She is the author of dark urban fantasy and paranormal thrillers. When she's not writing, you can find her giggling with her granddaughter and enjoying time with her family and friends. For more about Jennifer, visit her website at or follow her on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.