Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Eternal Neverland by Natasha Rogue

Paranormal / Mature YA
Date Published: October 28, 2014
"I've abandoned all my principles for you... Broken laws I held to so firm for centuries, did things I never thought myself capable of..." He kissed her as he whispered. "Was it worth it?" His tears wet her lips. "I don't remember."~David
Helena K. Sharpe was raised by a man who had sympathy for supernatural creatures, for the vampires his bloodline hunted for centuries. She was too young to understand how he tried to help them, but she knew it was important. Her father made her promise never to hunt them and she would do anything to keep that promise.
Until he is murdered by the very things he dedicated so much of his life to.
Orphaned and alone, Helena takes to the street, afraid for whatever's left of her life. Without her family, she doesn't know how--or even if--she can go on. Until a vagrant takes her under his wing and gives her a purpose. Revenge.
For six years she learns about the monsters, studies their habits, until, at 15 years old, she feels she's ready to find the ones responsible for her parent's death. All she has to do is become one of them. She's cute, young, innocent...
They'll never see her coming.

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With a petulant scowl that contrasted with the vulnerability and fear she’d shown so far, the girl jutted her chin up and met David’s eyes. “Yes, that’s blood on my mouth.”
Somehow, David found patience, even though he was starting to wonder how the girl had survived sixteen years with so little regard for her own safety. He kept his tone soft, not wanting her to be afraid of him. She should be, but why make things more difficult? He needed answers.
“Is it your blood?”
This time, she dropped her gaze, as if she’d done something she knew was wrong. And whispered, “No. Charlie’s.”
The earth seemed to drop a foot beneath him. He shook his head, backing away from her, leaving the car before he said or did anything to make her feel the goddamn fear she should have. The sound of the car door slamming echoed down the quiet street. The rain soaked his hair and his clothes and he tipped his head back with his hands covering his face to hold in the curses he wanted to shout into the night.
Charlie had damned her. He doubted there was enough blood to turn her, but she couldn’t go back to her pitiful existence among her own kind. If he didn’t bring her across, he’d have to kill her, because otherwise she would suffer for days as Charlie’s blood slowly made changes that would destroy her from the inside out.
In three hundred years, David had been forced to do terrible things to stay alive. To build the sanctuary, he’d sacrificed even those he loved, always focused on the greater good. He’d give his own life to make sure there was always a safe haven for those whose lives had been stolen from them. But making another creature like himself? There had never been any reason good enough.
There still isn’t.
True, and yet…he couldn’t help feel responsible for Charlie’s actions. A need to clean up Charlie’s latest mess. Why should the girl pay for simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time?
Others would pay if he saved her. If he couldn’t control her, every life she took to feed the insatiable hunger would be on him.
If I do this, I will control her.
She would be a weakness. One many would try to use against him.
I won’t give them a chance.
He let out a bitter laugh, knowing he’d already made his choice. He’d take her life and her freedom and hope she would eventually forgive him when she realized what she’d become. He would let her decide, but there was no way she’d understand.
She’d be better off dead.
About the author:
Natasha Rogue is a Canadian author who’s been writing for most of her life. After penning novels behind math textbooks all through high school, she attended Dawson College in Creative Arts with dreams of becoming a screenwriter. The best teacher she ever had took her aside and told her to go back where she belonged. To her roots with the books she loved to write.
Eternal Neverland (Steps Before the Fall) was one of her first complete novels. There are seven books in draft form completed in the series, but they gathered dust until experience and contacts with the right editors and crit partners gave them what they needed to be shared. However, A Breed Apart: The Token, was released through a small press in 2012. The book will be rereleased shortly.
You may find Natasha at several signings throughout the year as she writes multiple genres. Don’t worry, she doesn’t bite. But she will happily chat with you about the hotties who do. And shamelessly admit to liking Charlie way more than she should.
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