Friday, September 11, 2015

Review of The Right Design

Do business and pleasure mix? In the author's debut novel comes a story about picking up the pieces, letting go of the past, and finding love along the way--even if morals are tested! 

Interior designer Carrie Newman could not have envisioned a more perfect life for herself. She had a great job doing what she loved, wonderful friends, and a close relationship with her sister and brother-in-law. Add in an amazing man who she’d hoped would soon become her husband, and her life was perfect. Until one devastating decision ruins her relationship and changes the course of her life. Determined to make a new start, Carrie leaves Texas and heads to Palm Beach to pick up the pieces of her shattered and broken life. The last thing she expects is to find herself attracted to her first client at her new job--Brad Larson, who has proven himself time and time again to be caddish. But there’s something beneath the surface of Brad’s arrogant exterior that keeps her craving more of him--something almost sweet that Carrie can’t seem to resist. Is Carrie ready to take another chance on romance? And will this new design of her life prove to be the right one? 
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My Review:

First off, the cover drew me in first. The blurb did the rest. I began reading through The Right Design hoping it would deliver on the expectations I had for it. The book delivered.

Initially, I had a strong connection with Carrie. She’s a hard-working, independent, strong woman who knows what she wants out of life. She has a carrier that she loves. Is financially stable. Lives with with her boyfriend of six years, and feels as if things are going well. The only thing she wishes she could accomplish is marrying her long-term boyfriend and start a family. But Roger has yet to pop the question.

I admire Carrie because of how she sees the world and how secure she is. She’s a strong female lead, which to me is a plus. But as I continued reading along I soon discovered that things aren’t always what they seem. Carrie has to deal with an emotional break up. Given the circumstances I think she handled things quite well, leaning on family for support, deciding to do things her way. Carrie faced the situation as best as she could, but eventually her pain and sorrow became too much and she decides to move on.

Definitely enjoyed his next twist in the plot. I’m sure a lot of us have wanted to move miles and miles away to start out fresh after a traumatic experience and this is something I found myself excited for. I couldn’t wait to see what life had in store for Carrie. She deserved something new and good.

Brad, well, he wasn’t my cup of tea at first. I thought he was an arrogant Casanova and a little too full of himself. He didn’t make a very nice first impression and during the first half of the book I was kind of rooting for Oliver and Carrie to hook up. Brad grew on me eventually. He was nothing if not persistent and definitely put his charms to good use.

I would have loved to see Brad and Carrie’s relationship to blossom a bit more. And the ending kind of left me craving more out of these two, but I did enjoy the book.  

Looking forward to reading more from this author!

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

isabella louise anderson

Author Bio: Isabella Louise Anderson grew up with a book in her hand, and to this day nothing has changed. She is a member of the Romance Writers of America and has been featured on several blogs. While Isabella doesn't blog a lot, she focuses her time on featuring other writers, along with writing and editing. She lives in Dallas with her husband and cat. She enjoys spicy Mexican food and drinking margaritas, and can be found spending time with family and friends, cheering on the Texas Rangers, and reading. Isabella’s short story, Meet Me Under the Mistletoe, was featured in Simon & Fig’s Christmas anthology, Merry & Bright, in November 2013. The Right Design is her first novel, and she is currently working on her next release. 

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