Monday, March 13, 2023

A Stranger in the Night by Kristy Centeno


Malakai is a Sentinel. Immortal, lost, lonely.

Haunted by a cruel past, Malakai lives for the day he gets to reunite with his long, lost love. One night and a chance encounter with a woman with familiar golden-brown eyes gifts him with the opportunity he's waited centuries for. But not all is as it seems.

Carmen is the spitting image of the woman he once gave up everything for. Unfortunately, she's not the person he remembers. A mortal with little memories of the history they shared, her unexpected arrival can only mean one thing: a trap.

Years of running from his servitude to the Abyss, Malakai is pushed against a rock and a hard place. Give up his freedom to save the woman he loves or lose her to the Custodians of the Abyss.

He sacrificed his very soul for her once, but a cruel twist of fate brought them together again. With tragedy looming over the horizon, his only hope lies in conceding to the Custodian's demands. But will it be enough this time? Or will their ill-fated reunion end in more heartbreak?

A Stranger of the Night is a paranormal romance novella with no HEA.


Carmen skidded to a stop, reaching for the doorknob. Heavy footsteps on the other side of the door halted her arm halfway to the frame. Her heart thumped against her ribcage, pounding in sync with the thump, thump, thump of the footfalls quickly coming in her direction.


She jumped away from the door as if it had caught fire, backing up toward the seating area, her gaze never leaving the wooden frame. Three more thumps and he or she was there, turning the knob, gently at first and then with more determination.

Her heart dropped straight down to her feet. She was moments away from meeting whoever was at the other side of the damn door. And she still had no clue if he or she was a threat to her.

Based on how the night before had gone, she wasn’t about to assume they had her best intentions in mind. Her gaze bounced from side to side as she searched for something to use as a weapon. There wasn’t much to go on, but she settled for a lamp sitting on a nightstand on the other side of the bed.

Carmen darted toward the bed and crawled over the mattress to the other side. Picking up the lamp, she yanked the cord out of the socket and whipped around to face the door just as it opened. The echo of footsteps reached her ears before she spotted a figure step into the room.

She wielded the lamp like a sword, raising it in front of her as if its presence would ward off evil, protect her even. It wouldn’t do shit, she knew that much. But if it bought her a few seconds to get past the threat and out of the room, that was enough.

His height caught her attention first but didn’t hold her focus for long as her gaze moved down his bulky form. Long strands of blond hair fell around a pair of wide shoulders. He wore black from head to toe—jacket, top, pants, and boots. The color contrasted with his unusually pale skin.

She would’ve thought the man handsome had she not been fucking terrified.

He halted halfway inside the room and shifted to face her; his stance casual but guarded.

Carmen’s stomach dropped right down to her feet as she took in those familiar features. He observed her with a brilliant set of green eyes—eyes she’d only seen in her dreams.

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