For Authors

All authors are welcomed. Published authors, indie Authors, self-published authors, and even unpublished authors. If you're looking to promote your book or simply want to help me spread the word I'd be more than happy to help you out.

Interviews: If you're interested in being interviewed Contact Me. I will get back to you within 48 hours with the details.

Guest Post: I look forward to post that are entertaining and informative. Whether it's about the author's work, the journey to publication, or tips for other authors I'm open to most subjects.

Review Policy: As of right now I am no longer accepting submissions for reviews. The only review posts that will be going up are those from books I have accepted via BLOG TOURS.

Cover Reveal: If you have an upcoming release and are looking to reveal its cover we can work together to have it featured with a BANG!

Excerpt Posts: There's nothing better than adding a good sneak peek to entice readers. If you're looking to broaden your audience with a teaser excerpt or want to showcase an entire chapter of your book I'm open to that as well. Whether long or short an excerpt post is always a good way to draw in a crowd.

Book Trailers and Giveaways: Are welcome and highly encouraged.

Please Read:
Scheduled posts are subject to change in the event of a family emergency. If I fail to have your post up on the according date due to any reason, I will contact you directly and reschedule.
Please bear with me. Life happens and at times I'll be forced to be away for a few days, which will alter my posting schedule. If I don't contact you right away it usually means I don't have internet access or am away from home.

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