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Heart of the Raven Review

Today I have a review for Heart of the Raven, a book by author Joleene Naylor, which is book 5 of the Amaranthine series.

Book Title: Heart of the Raven (Amaranthine #5)
Author: Joleene Naylor
Age Group: adult
Book Description:
A myth with the power to destroy the world…
Katelina has barely recovered from the chaos of Malick’s revolt, yet she and Jorick must go to Munich to testify before the True Council. All hopes of a vacation are dashed when they’re assigned an entourage that includes Verchiel, a vampire Katelina never wants to see again.
Her hatred is forgotten when Malick and his henchmen penetrate the stronghold in Munich. Jorick hijacks the trip and diverts them on a quest to reclaim the Heart of the Raven. Said to be the disembodied heart of Lilith, the relic may be more reality than myth, and if it falls into the wrong hands it could have disastrous consequences for the world. Can they reach its hiding place before Malick?
The fifth installment of the Amaranthine series sees Jorick and Katelina draw closer as they surround themselves with their own miniature army to outwit the machinations of the ancient master. Katelina grows stronger and learns to stand on her own because there’s no room for the fainthearted in a world where darkness is eternal and the night tastes like blood.
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My Review:
Superb story! A great read. Couldn’t get enough!

I love vampire books and this is definitely one of my favorites of all times. There was enough violence and humor to satisfy my need for the supernatural. Though I love a good overall vampire romance, every now and again I crave a dark romance, with plenty of action to keep me interested and Heart of the Raven definitely did it for me.

The characters are so convincing there were times when I did not feel as if I was reading a story at all. The plot was definitely interesting and kept me intrigued to the point where I just had to keep reading to find out what was going to happen next.

This is one series I will definitely read again. Over and over.

About the author:
Joleene Naylor grew up in southwest Iowa surrounded by soybeans, corn and very little entertainment - so she made her own. She has been writing and drawing since she was a small child, with a particular leaning towards fantasy, horror and paranormal. It is this love of all that goes bump
in the night that led her to write the Amaranthine series.
In her spare time she is a freelance artist, book cover designer and photographer. Her current projects include the sixth novel in the Amaranthine series, and The Terrible Turtle Conspiracy, a web manga
collaboration with writer Jonathan Harvey. Joleene maintains blogs full of odd ramblings and hopes to win the lottery. Until she does, she and her husband live near Bolivar Missouri with their miniature zoo. However, unless she starts buying tickets she may never win anything.
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Books, Authors, Blogs: Inked by an Angel Guest Post

Books, Authors, Blogs: Inked by an Angel Guest Post

Inked by an Angel Guest Post

Hello readers,

I have a guest post by author Shauna Allen today, plus a sneak peek at her novel Inked by an Angel.

Book Blurb:

Jed Gentry is doing just fine, thank you very much, running his tattoo studio in Austin, Texas. So what if people think he’s a bit on the surly side? He’s been burned by his ex who sticks around to torture him and he lives with a family heartache that he’d rather not talk about. But he’s got a thriving business, his dream car, and good friends. Not much to complicate things. At least, not until she walked in…
Kyle O’Neill has had it with being the sheltered daddy’s girl at the family accounting firm and is ready to spread her wings and fly on her own for the first time. Unfortunately, it seems she’s about to fall flat on her face when her first and only client is – gulp -- a tattoo artist! Her country club upbringing certainly hasn’t prepared her for this place or the sizzling attraction her traitorous body feels for the grumpy owner.
But there is a Divine conspiracy at work here pushing these two together. And they are hell bent on bucking the Heavenly plan all the way. Luckily, their angel is a true believer and pulls every trick he knows from under his halo to make this a match made in Heaven.
Who says God doesn’t have a sense of humor?

I asked the author what inspired her to write this book and this is what she had to say:


I would have to say angels inspired me to write my book, Inked by an Angel.  That, and a love of hot, tattooed men.

Let me explain. 

I’ve always been open to the beauty and mystique of the angelic realm.  My faith embraces the idea of God’s warriors and their splendor and service.  But I didn’t necessarily sit down to write a book about them, much less combined with sexy, tatted guys . . . at first. 

In the Fall of 2010, I was at a place where I was hoping to start a new writing project.  I knew pretty much off the bat that my hero would be no ordinary hero.  No ‘Ken dolls’ for me.  So I imagined the sort of sexy, artistic bad boy that makes my heart go pitter-pat, and presto, Jed Gentry—tall, shaved bald, tatted, pierced, muscle-car driving badass—was born.  And I loved him from the get go.  I had no particular storyline when I started (which, if you know me, is highly peculiar, as I’m a plotter extraordinaire!) so I was doing basically a free writing exercise to see what would make its way onto the page.  And that’s when the prologue just flowed from my fingers.  And, wow, what a prologue! 

But, then, my hottie hero went and said those famous last words, “The Angel made me do it,” and I sat back and went, “What?!”

What angel?

Was he crazy?

What was he doing to me? 

But, after thinking on it a while, and realizing how perfect it could be, Michael, my 300 pound biker Cupid was born, along with his whole angelic crew. My story just grew from there plus an entire series of at least three more books in the works, including the sequel, The Halo Effect, releasing this May.  It’s been an awesome ride and I couldn’t be happier. 

I guess angels really are among us.
The Halo Effect : Book II of the Cupid Chronicles, Coming May 2013 from Soul Mate Publishing.
 Cupid's gotta earn his wings.  Again.
Love Detail’s favorite angel, Michael, has his sights set on his next target: the stoic and mysterious Noble Blackfeather.  And it just may prove to be his toughest case yet.
 He's been paired with Braelyn Campbell, the cute single mother next door.  She’s adorable, friendly, fun…everything Noble needs.  This should be a Love Squad slam dunk. 
 Nope. Thanks to profound past hurts, they both keep love at wing's distance.
 But, reluctantly, they are drawn together—thanks to their cupid’s dogged efforts and a whole lotta chemistry.  Can the girl next door learn to trust again and help heal Noble’s wounded heart? Together, can they save the lost, hurting boy she's raising? Can the angels help it happen before it's too late?

About the author:

Shauna grew up an only child with two open and loving parents in Central Texas.  She’s married to her high school sweetheart and is the mother to three fantastic (no, that’s not a typo!) teenagers. 

When she’s not writing, editing, or acting as a personal assistant to a NYT Bestselling author, Shauna enjoys reading, movies with Gerard Butler, vacays to the beach, and hangin’ with the kiddos–even if they don’t like hangin’ with her!

Shauna would love for you to visit her at her website and blog at:

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Anastasia available as a free download for a limited time only


Anastasia Blurb:

Anastasia’s entire family had been killed by something quite un-natural. She has her own obstacles to face lets follow the journey to see what happens with Anastasia and The Dregg Chronicles.

Anastasia's Surrender Blurb:

With the help of the Carnies, Anastasia has come to the realization she will forever be altered by her family’s tragic demise. Will Anastasia give into her new self or will she fight it all the way?

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A Glimpse of Her Soul Review

Today I'm showcasing a young adult, fantasy novel earlier this year. If you love young adult books, or even fantasy then you might want to read what I have to say about this one.

When 16-year-old Gillian Boone discovers that a secret message has been etched into her soul, her world of normal teenage life is destroyed. Now, bizarre monstrosities try to kill her so they can read this message as her soul departs, hoping its information will guide them back to the world they came from.
Though she has the aid of her father and some new friends, there is only one who has the real power to help. A rogue monster named Jackhammer Jack. But he might want her secret, too, even as he helps her evade the clutches of those pursuing her.

With threats surrounding her, Gillian will have to lead her allies in a struggle for survival – a struggle all the more treacherous when her allies are just as dangerous as her enemies.
Filled with action, excitement, magic, a touch of romance, and mystery, A Glimpse of Her Soul is a pulse-pounding ride you're sure to enjoy.

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My Review:
First of all I just want to add that my reviews lack spoilers. If I like a book I will only reveal my reasons for liking it and vice versa.

Within the first few pages of this book I knew I was going to like it and boy was I right about that. For one thing, Gillian is definitely my kind of character. She’s strong and quick-witted, which makes her interesting and more credible as a young female. I especially enjoyed her ability to stand strong even when the world around her seems to be crumbling down.

The plot was a refreshing new twist I definitely was not expecting, but I found that this uniqueness worked well for me. So far, I’ve never read anything like this before, but I really got into the story and its characters. The author did an amazing job at creating a fantasy world that not was completely believable but kept me wanting to learn more about.

The only thing I didn’t like about the entire story was…well, the loss of a certain character. Man was I bummed about that. Yes, I did pout a little bit at that. But overall, I honestly enjoyed this story. So much so that I’m anxiously waiting for the next installment.

About the author:

Stuart Jaffe is the author of The Max Porter Paranormal-Mysteries, The Malja Chronicles, The Bluesman series, and much more. His short stories have appeared in numerous magazines and anthologies. He is the co-host of The Eclectic Review - a weekly podcast about science, art, and well, everything. For those who keep count, the latest animal listing is as follows: one dog, four cats, one albino corn snake, one Brazilian black tarantula, three aquatic turtles, one lop-eared rabbit, twenty chickens, and a horse. Thankfully, the chickens and the horse do not live inside the house.
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The Claiming Words

Today I'm forming part of the The Claiming Words blog barrage tour and as a result, I have a great post for you, which includes a giveaway so read on for more information on this book and the author.

The Claiming Words (The Claiming Words #1)

by Tricia Drammeh

YA Paranormal/Fantasy Romance

Category: Interracial/Multicultural

Publisher: Iconic Publishing

Heat Level: Sweet

Word Count: 82,000

Buy Links


The Alexanders have always kept their secrets hidden…

When sixteen-year-old Jace Alexander moves to the small town of Oaktree, Georgia, he attracts the attention of every girl in school. Shy, introverted Alisa Cole immediately casts Jace in the leading role of her latest fantasy, but she assumes he’ll never return her interest. After she saves Jace from a Hunter, everything changes. Her accidental discovery of Jace’s secret propels her into a world of magic and danger. Alisa’s newfound courage is put to the test when Jace introduces her to his intimidating older brother, Bryce, and she decides she would rather battle a Hunter than endure another moment under Bryce’s intense scrutiny.

Jace and Bryce aren’t the only ones with secrets…

Rachel Stevens is the girl who has it all. She’s beautiful, popular, and in possession of an ancient power which endangers not only her, but those sent to protect her. Jace is drawn to Rachel—and he isn’t the only one. The Demon Re’Vel will do anything to claim her—even if it means waging a war with the entire Alexander family. As layers of secrets are peeled away, revealing the truth of her heritage and her family’s betrayal, Rachel struggles to resist an immortal suitor who stalks her in her dreams. With the Alexanders fighting to protect her, can Rachel escape the power of the Demon and his Claiming Words?

Book Trailer

About the Author

Tricia Drammeh is a wife and a mother of four children. Although she currently lives in Missouri, she has called many places home, including Georgia, Ohio, and California. She’s worked in retail, customer service, sales, and accounting, but writing has always been her dream career. When she isn’t writing, she enjoys reading, drinking vast amounts of coffee, and spending time with her family and the multitude of animals who have taken over her home. Tricia is currently working on her sixth novel.

Connect with Tricia Drammeh

The Book’s Site:

Author’s Website:

Twitter: @triciadrammeh

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Love Resurrected Cover Reveal

About a year ago I was happy to announce that this novel, which at the time was called, A Stranger in the Night, was contracted and due to be released earlier this year. Unfortunately, due to events far from my control my novel soon found itself without a home. But, as they say, things happen for a reason and after submitting the story to my publisher at Lady Day Publishing, this contemporary romance novel soon found a new home, new name, and new release date.

So, it is with much joy in my heart that I present you with the cover for Love Resurrected!!


It’s never too late for a second chance at love.

Keiran McDermott has lived by one simple rule for over a hundred years, keep a safe distance from humans at all times. He knows from experience that close proximity to them can be disastrous and more often than not, end up badly. But when the need to explore a nearby town places him directly in the path of a woman being stalked by two foul predators, the instinct to protect the young beauty from the men intent on causing her harm forces him to break his self-imposed law.

However, once she’s safely away from her attackers, Keiran finds himself locked in another battle. He knows his weakness can kill; it did so in the past. But how can he find the courage to stay away when the image of her lovely face torments his mind?  

When a new threat forces him to come to Celine’s aid again, will Keiran be able to fight temptation long enough to keep her alive and protected, even from himself?

On a side note: I’m blown away with the cover and am deeply happy with the fact that the artist was able to capture the essence of my novel and portray it in the cover. I LOVE IT!


Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Rapture Review

Today I'm featuring a book spotlight and review for Rapture by Phillip W. Simpson.

Ya Dystopian
Date Published: 12/1/2011

The Rapture has occurred - the end of the world. The faithful have risen up to Heaven. Those left behind are in a living hell. Armed only with his swords and his wit, a teenage boy wanders this post-apocalyptic world alone, separated forever from everyone he loves. Cursed by his demonic heritage, he must now embark on a quest that will take him across the US to the City of Angels.
Buy Links:
Smashwords author page:
Rapture (kindle version)
Tribulation (kindle version)
My review:
Excellent, well written plot intended to capture the reader’s attention from beginning to end!!
That’s exactly what I thought about this book. It was gripping, mind blowing, and not overly preachy, which I enjoyed. The author did an amazing job at keeping me interested and wanting to find out what happens next. I just couldn’t put it down.
The story moves along quickly and yes, it’s very intriguing. It did a great job at keeping me guessing, entertained, and above all, craving to know what would happen next.
Sam was my overall favorite character and I did find myself admiring him. He’s very strong in a sweet kind of way, which I loved.
About the author:

Phillip W. Simpson is an author of mostly children's books - both fiction and non-fiction. As well as being a writer, he is an elementary school teacher. Career highlights include being in the army, gaining a Masters in Archaeology, owning a comic shop, becoming obsessed with martial arts and oriental weapons and turning down a job at the British museum.
His YA novel RAPTURE (the first in the Rapture trilogy) was released Sept 1st, 2011 by Pear Jam books. RAPTURE is a dystopian/post-apocalyptic story about the end of the world featuring demons, angels and a half demon protagonist caught in the middle. RAPTURE was shortlisted for the Sir Julius Vogel award for best Youth novel.
Book 2, TRIBULATION, was released in December, 2012. The final book, APOCALYPSE, will be out early 2013. On a personal note, he is married to Rose, has a son (Jack) and two border terriers, Whiskey and Raffles. He loves fishing, reading, football (soccer) and single malt Whiskeys.
Website info:

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Hello readers

Today I have a great review for Innovera Yakov: The Journey of A Thousand Eyes. But first, a quick sneak peek, which includes synopsis and book excerpt.

Book Blurb:
Innovera Yakov is a beautiful world of crystals that turns under five moons and two brilliant suns that never set. Flitters take care of domestic chores while Starbirds and Starflies soar through the never-ending sunlight of this crystalline world. The Circle of Knowing decides their fate; the forbidden forests of the Dimmer Zone swallow trespassers. And at the very edges of Innovera Yakov there is the terrifying watery darkness of Verheer.

We meet Ayana, the healer and lonely outcast with her scarred face; Vinton, her protector (or is he her imaginary friend?); Gamma and Blu Tara, the beautiful, fiery twins who can kill with one look. These twins are important characters in the book. They could hardly be more different from each other. Krave, beloved by Gamma, hated by Blu Tara, ‘tall and upright as a polished spear with a beautiful crop of golden hair that cascaded down his back in waves’; his ‘brother’ Skylar, pure trouble with ‘muscles on his arms and legs that stood out in lumps’; Ryder with his crystal spear, forever seeking Ayana’s approval although she, refusing to believe she's worth it, can only wonder, ‘What does he see in me?’ And Ice, mysterious, dangerous, murderous with eyes like bright furnaces who feeds on Innoverans. These young Innoverans are often haunted by a forgotten past recalled only in strange dreams. They form friendships, make enemies and face constant physical and emotional challenges that test them to their limits. They have amazing powers; they can fly, they can communicate through 'thought-words', their minds can travel to other worlds. They harbour secrets.

But life is not easy on Innovera Yakov and the young Beings must live in constant fear of Blu Tara; ‘What I want, I have. What I can’t have, I destroy.’ They find that the great powers they are gifted with are nothing compared to the dangers they face. They must shelter from Solar-storms. To fall in love is dangerous. Lovers long to combine to become stronger, better Beings but it can go terribly wrong and when that happens they perish. Their survival is further threatened by Ice, who consumes Innoverans and holds both Blu Tara and Ayana in his control.

Everyone seeks a partner with whom they can ‘merge.’ This desire to ease the passage through life by joining forces with a true companion, is one of the main themes of the story. Love for Blu Tara, is a terrible thing. She tells her sister, ‘It is a curse. You will scoop out your core and abandon it just to have the Being that you love... You will steal another person’s life force if it makes it easier to get it. You will kill or die for it. And you’ll hate yourself for the weakness that it brings on you.'

They are told that they must embark on 'The Journey', this journey will be more terrifying than any of them could imagine and a strong leader must be elected from their midst. They are shocked to discover who that leader is, none more so than the chosen one herself. Many of them will perish as they make their way through the watery darkness of Verheer while battling the army of underworld warriors bent on destroying and consuming them.

Finally, diminished in strength and numbers, they reach their journey’s end only to learn the final brutal truth.

Book Excerpt:
Blu Tara stared her sister in the face. ‘Let me tell you what you don't know about love, Gamma. It is a curse. You will scoop out your core and abandon it just to have the Being that you love. You will steal another person's life force if it makes it easier to get it. You will abandon the world you have been cradled in, betray everything and everyone you care for. You’ll give up your name for it.’

Blu Tara's voice went soft and dreamy. ‘You will gladly close your eyes and embrace the world of darkness. You will kill or die for it. And you will hate yourself for the weakness that it brings on you. So don’t talk to me about love.’

Gamma shook her head. ‘You're not making sense,’ Blu Tara. ‘You talk as if... I’m the one who should be upset about all this.’

Blu Tara lifted her hand dismissively. She pointed a hot finger at Gamma. ‘Anyway don’t forget what we are.’

'And what are we?’ Gamma glared at her..

'Different. Strange. Something to be frightened of. Two Beings that can fuse and burn everything to ashes. That's the way they all see us down there. That's what the Stardog wants from you - the powers you possess.

‘I hate them all. With their suspicious, shiny faces and their empty games. I hate that Voice which drones on and on at us in the Learning Dome as soon as we've finished resting.

Innoverans! All those perfect, pretty Beings; they remember nothing — it’s the curse of this shallow, shining world. Tell me, Gamma - what do you remember of the world we come from before your Odors Apeno dumped us here?’

Gamma swung around to face her sister fully. ‘Blu Tara! What's got into you? Where’s all that coming from? I've never heard you speak like that before. This is about Krave and I- not you!’

Krave and you - don't make me laugh. And, oh! Here’s a big difference — between you and I this time, Twin Sister. It’s the answer to your question that you brought me up here to ask.’ Blu Tara mimicked Gamma's soft and musical voice, Why do you want to kill Krave?

Here's the answer, Gamma. I will do whatever I have to do to save myself. I'm the half of you that's not like you. I don't have a weeping heart. Now I'm out of here. I need my Rest.
My Review:

This book definitely did its job when it came to taking the reader to a fantasy world filled with wonders and great adventures.

The plot is unique and very different from any I’ve read before. When you read certain parts, it almost feels as if you’re watching a movie instead of reading a story. However, I did feel as if there were parts of the story I would have liked for the author to develop more since I found myself a little confused at times. And I would have liked for more backstory on some of the characters as well.

But the originality of the characters and the story itself. I’m definitely looking forward to reading more from this author.

Audio Link to listen to the first chapter of the book:

Read the first chapter of the book here: