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Arise (The Awakened Fate series book #4) by Skye Malone

Title: Arise
AuthorSkye Malone 
Series: Awakened Fate (Book Four)
Genre: Young Adult Paranormal Romance
Publisher: Wildflower Isle
Publication Date: April 20, 2015
Cover Designer: Karri Klawiter

Chloe hoped that going home would keep her enemies away from her. She thought she could trust her parents to protect her, no matter how much they feared mermaids and the ocean.

It nearly cost her life to find out she was wrong.

Surviving a mad scientist and Noah’s bloodthirsty relatives was only the beginning, however. An ancient creature is after her, one that’s risen from its sleep to hunt her, and one that almost destroyed the world last time it awoke. To save herself and everyone she loves, Chloe’s only chance lies in travelling to meet Ellie’s mysterious teacher, Olivia, one of the elusive landwalker elders.

But Chloe has trusted people before. She’s tried to escape the madness that’s chasing her before. And nearly everybody who’s learned her secret has ended up wanting to use her or kill her.

Will Olivia’s betrayal be next?


The Series:



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“I’m so sorry, Chloe,” Noah whispered. “For all of it. Everything that’s come down on you because of me. I’m sorry.” 

I trembled at the look in his dark green eyes. At the feeling of his hand on my own, and the memory of how he’d held it all those weeks ago when the dehaian stuff was all new and the worst thing in the world was finding out I wasn’t human. 

His other hand came up, brushing back my hair from my cheek. Warm shivers ran through me, like electricity that didn’t hurt at all. “I missed you,” he continued softly. 

I swallowed hard, trying to find my voice. “I missed you too.” 

He came closer and my gaze fell, tracing the line of his cheek. I could feel his warm breath on my neck, his lips barely an inch from mine. 


Skye Malone is a fantasy and paranormal romance author, which means she spends most of her time not-quite-convinced that the magical things she imagines couldn't actually exist. A Midwestern girl who migrated to the Pacific Northwest, she dreams someday of travelling the world – though in the meantime she’ll take any story that whisks her off to a place where the fantastic lives inside the everyday. She loves strong and passionate characters, complex villains, and satisfying endings that stay with you long after the book is done. An inveterate writer, she can’t go a day without getting her hands on a keyboard, and can usually be found typing away while she listens to all the adventures unfolding in her head.

Skye also writes YA urban fantasy as Megan Joel Peterson and is the author of The Children and the Blood series. 


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