Sunday, February 1, 2015

Nanovision by Paul T. Harry

Title: Nanovision
Author: Paul Harry
Genre: YA Science fiction / Fantasy

Daniel Raye was only sixteen when he walked in on a mob hit against his father. Brutally beaten and left for dead, Daniel awakens in a hospital to find himself blind and with no memory of the hit. Placed in the FBI’s witness protection program, Daniel is relocated to Northern California where he’s given residence with a long, lost Aunt who runs a bio-tech firm called NanoBytes. Over time, Daniel rebuilds his life and adapts well to his newfound family, but as fate would have it, comes under the scrutiny of the mob once again–but not before his Aunt finds a cure for his blindness. Using a radical untested procedure incorporating robotic nanites spliced with the DNA from animals and insects, Daniel is injected with a serum that only a mad scientist could create.

Does it work?

Better than anyone imagined.

What would you do with x-ray vision?


Daniel’s mouth fell open. Standing before him was a vision; a young, perky short-haired blond, about thirty-two years of age with a face that could melt stone. To some she would have been considered a jaded diamond on her second trip around the block, but to Daniel she was a model of beauty.

“Hello, my name’s Paige,” she cooed, affectionately. “Welcome to the Club Cal Neva.”

Daniel’s heart skipped a beat as he took in the alluring blue eyes and soft pink lips that smiled at him. And though he wanted to respond to Paige in the worst wayhe couldntbecause she was standing right there in front of him naked as a Playboy Bunny. Her uniform, white shirt, bow tie and apron were gone, exposing her body and breasts for the entire world to see. It was more than Daniel was prepared for and he jumped back from the table like he’d been bitten by a snake, knocking over both his chips and the chair behind him.

Paige was taken aback and couldn’t help but giggle. She’d seen a lot of men react to her, but to elicit this kind of response was unexpected to say the least. “Sir, are you okay?” she asked, the mirth showing in her eyes.

Swearing under his breath, Daniel nodded his head as he bent down to retrieve the chair from the floor. He felt like a fool. How was he to know that was going to happen? It was her fault. Looking again at Paige he took in everythinghe couldnt help it. She was awesome, simply awesome. Her breasts were gorgeous, a nice size, perky and firm and her nipples, for Gods sake they were pierced! He couldn’t believe it. She had pierced nipples and a small diamond pin stuck in her belly button. Oh my God!

About the author: 

As a young boy I cut my teeth on Marvel Comics, Edgar Rice Burrough's serial novels,(John Carter & Tarzan)and classic movies like "The Day The Earth Stood Still." I also spent many days reading classic science fiction works by authors such as Asimov, Heinlein, Clark, Silverberg, and Bradbury to name a few.

In school my favorite subjects were English and Theater Arts. It is the combination of all of this that led me into writing, especially screenplays. I love the visual medium of movies and television though too many movies today put special effects ahead of the story. I think the greatest compliment I've received about my writing is that people can see the visual images I am creating as I write.

NANOVISION is my latest novel and I think readers will have a lot of fun with it. In writing the novel I used my forty years of experience in the Las Vegas gaming industry as a background for the story. So for those of you who might ask—Are the casino scenes real? The answer is most definitely, Yes!

My other works on Amazon are: THE 5 MOONS OF TIIANA, and THE GARDEN, The Unauthorized Biography of Adam and Eve.


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